Lindel apk android games download

Lindel l Version: 1.0 | Size: 46.19MB Developers: Twentyka | Language:English

Join Lindel – where your self are immersed with this little world
Fight with many different monsters and up-grade the character’s skills
Face and battle with the boss by finding the best weapon in the game
Multiple levels, characters, weapons in future updates. Read more »

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Galaxy Siege 2 apk android games download

Galaxy Siege 2
Galaxy Siege 2 l Version: 1.2.0 | Size: 18.58MB Developers: MyPlayYard | Language:English

Develop your spacecraft and take a chance to join in the most amazing adventures outside.
Siege Galaxy 2 is an action game with full of funs and ugrades
Let’s build your spacecraft and complete the different missions in space.
Gain much money and improve your spaceship abilities.
New version – 1.0.6 – Bugs fixed Read more »

Spooky Places apk android games download

Spooky Places
Spooky Places l Version: 1.3 | Size: 16.08MB Developers: devdiamond | Language: English

Use shoe, fire, spring to avoid skeleton.
Play well to collect all coins and stara to come through all levels. Read more »

Real cops 3D police chase apk android games download

Real cops 3D police chase
Real cops 3D police chase l Version: 1.0 | Size: 49.51MB Developers: VinAlex Games | Language: English

- Two kind games : the cop or gangsters;
- Many different levels with various routes and landscapes;
- Controls by steering wheel or tilting control;
- Take a chance to ride with a new car in each mission, this legend chases;
- You will fully feel like driving a cara with some of camera positions ;
- Missions with complex levels. Read more »

Stickman Trials apk android games download

Stickman Trials
Stickman Trials l Version: 2.0 | Size: 44.61MB Developers: The Tribe Games | Language: English

This new astonishing bike game will totally make you excited!
This is opportunity to cleverly drive your biker preventing from the obstacles, showyour skill with some various stunts on the unique & difficult levels – from easy to hard!
Two awesome bicycles that you feel mad-racing-drive-style-without-doubts. Three different mission packs:
Game features: Read more »

Grimma apk android game downloads

Grimma l Version: 1.1 | Size: 47.59MB Developers: Microsheep | Language: English

Once upon a time, A beautiful princess was locked in a tower by the evil witch named Grimma,
There was a brave knight accepting to challenge the mission to rescue the princess.
However, he has not heard about the ancient curse before. So, what happened?
Join the brave knight in his quest.
Game was inspired by classic point and click adventure games. Read more »

Escape The Ghost Town apk android games download

Escape The Ghost Town
Escape The Ghost Town l Version: 1.0.2 | Size: 29.08MB Developers: A-S-G | Language: English

Deal with the amazing puzzles and find out all the hidden objects. You use in the locations in order to Escape The Ghost Town.
12 challenging different locations are waiting for you! Challenge yourself and your friend now. Read more »

Tilt to Dodge: space game live apk android games download

Tilt to Dodge: space game live
Tilt to Dodge: space game live l Version: 1.0.3 | Size: 15.16MB Developers: kaeltv | Language: English

10 amazing powers.
A variety of unique gametypes,
Easy game with no buttons or thumb stick
unlockbable weapons,

How to play?
just tilt. Tilt to Dodge all the enemys and use your great powers to kill them.
Help yourself and stop playing again and gain. Read more »

SuperCar Race apk android games download

SuperCar Race
SuperCar Race l Version: 1.0 | Size: 20.75MB Developers: Easy Smart | Language: English

Super Car Race is expecting game that filled with action-packed racing and heart stopping madness. This is fast-speed, high-octane and intense game.
All were built up for us to go back in time. When and how racing games started? When they were just kids who finding ways to have fun.
Do not wait to join and challenge! Read more »

Secret Agent Clash apk android games download

Secret Agent Clash
Secret Agent Clash l Version: 1.0 | Size: 23.65MB Developers: Easy Smart | Language: English

In Secret Agent Clash, your first target is to protect yourself and a little girl who always be with you during the journey .Evade the dangerous dynamites and guns by punching it away, or collect the medical case to achieve chance for recovering life and scores.

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