Heavy Devil apk android game download

Heavy Devil
Heavy Devil l Version: 1.0.2 | Size: 22.17MB Developers: 2D Rebel Games | Language:English

WARNING! There has some strange coming! But wait… You are too good. the aliens are coming abduct you and decimate you. Fight and escape from them successfully!
Heavy Devil is a action game and reflexes. And it is easy to play, just tap your finger.
Game inspired it self like Super Crate Box, Flappy Bird, Doodle Jump, Tilt to Live, Super Mario Bros and even pachinko machines.
Please, Download and play game in your free time wisely. Read more »

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Happy Farm apk android game download

Happy Farm
Happy Farm l Version: 1.1 | Size: 17.97MB Developers: Cachep Studio | Language:English

Welcome to “Happy Farm” – You play the role of a farmer in this game.
Happy farm where you and your friends can plant fruits, raise animals, and make your farm the most beautiful ! Manage the farm on your way and collect money by planting and harvesting vegetables or fruits.
Amazing! Many free updates with new fruits, decorations, animals, and more each week! Read more »

Cosmic Balance Lite apk android game download

Cosmic Balance Lite
Cosmic Balance Lite l Version: 1.0 | Size: 39.37MB Developers: DrawIndustries | Language:English

Player has to use different ways to pass the levels with a great amount of different obstacles.
Game has 7 tutorial levels, 5 easy levels and arcade mode with static and dynamic obstacles.
To activate and pass the level, you should collect the energy. Read more »

Animals Run apk android game download

Animals Run
Animals Run l Version: 1.0 | Size: 43.42MB Developers: Jose Varela | Language:English

A “SPECIAL” race between a Cat, a Turtle, a Dog, and an in the fields, village and city.
If you like to play Temple Run or Minion Rush (Despicable me), sure that you feel like to play this!
Animals Run
Animals Run
Animals Run

Read more »

Kizi Run apk android game download

Kizi Run
Kizi Run l Version: 1.0.28 | Size: 31.29MB Developers: Funtomic | Language:English

★★★ Kizi is now in 3D! ★★★

Join Kizi in an awesome adventure!
Run through the worlds, collect the gems, break unbreakable walls, hover
in low gravity and more! Notice to collide the obstacles and
creatures on your way! Read more »

dancing ship apk android game download

dancing ship
dancing ship l Version: 1.3 | Size: 6.35MB Developers: Alimoe Wu | Language:English

Dancing Ship is a 2D space flight, is a rival game.
How to play?
You need overcome the gravitation and escape from the enemy flights. Collect the stars and once the energy full help you power up on your ship.
Just try to download and play. It could become the hardest game you have ever see. Read more »

falling to earth apk android game download

falling to earth
falling to earth l Version: 1.03 | Size: 18.20MB Developers: Naps Team | Language:English

An astronaut stay alive after his spaceship ‘Galaga Phoenix One’ facing against an asteroid crush .
Now, he is going adrift in circle and progressively fall to earth by gravity !
His shuttle is destroyed ! An endless and danger with time in the sapce without control, air and atmosphere against gravity.
A beautiful panorama of Earth , night lights, stars ,strange , galaxy , planets and space are in your journey ! Read more »

Contender apk android game download

Contender l Version: 8 | Size: 35.04MB Developers: GameiMax | Language:English

Do you want to become a Contender?? if yes, this game will bring you chance to experience and face with furious monster and defeat them in contender .
You are goals for different monsters to hunt you down and turn you into their food. So, a real Contender powerfully fights with them by own tactics, powers and skills.
The game is increasingly difficult and monsters become more furious as time passes.
-> 6 different player selection.
-> 6 different kind of weapon having own deadly powers.
-> sound feature permit you to feel as a real “Contender”
-> Live graphics like you are inside the Game.
Play the Contender and Be the “Contender”.

Read more »

Pop Islands apk android game download

Pop Islands
Pop Islands l Version: 1.101 | Size: 35.77MB Developers: Naps Team | Language:English

POP ISLANDS is free to play but extra characters or lives will need your payment.
Join our hero PJO and his friends into their epical adventure through this magical world against BOO , VLAD , KATTY, GROG , MOKE , ANDY and other MONSTERS !
Your puzzle skills will be upgrade ! Use Bombs, Explosive Thunders, Water ball, Time Shift and much more to help you come over all the island levels and get a STAR ! Read more »

Overcraft apk android game download

Overcraft l Version: 1.5 | Size: 10.03MB Developers: GameABC Studio | Language:English

Explore world created by others.
Create random worlds, build whatever you can dream of. Create your world With Over craft
Play with your friends and multi players Read more »

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